Entrance to Banoo Persian Restaurant Dubai

The Banoo Story | A Persian Restaurant Dubai

In Iranian culture, a politely formal way to address a woman is “banoo” which means “lady”. In this sense any woman can be a “banoo” but in a more nuanced and far more restrictive sense of the word, only a maven who practices the culinary arts with such a remarkable degree of panache, taste and expertise can own this moniker.

Only one who can infuse the ordinary fare into the sublimely extraordinary can rightly earn the coveted status and reputation of a true “banoo”. We take our name Banoo | Persian Restaurant Dubai, and culinary cue from such a glorious banoo!

Kabab Rooli Banoo Iranian Restaurant Dubai MarinaWant to know more about our little Persian Restaurant in Dubai? then let’s also talk about our menu! If your notions of Iranian food are limited to rice and kabab, we invite you to pleasurably expand them by exploring some intriguingly novel options. Think: yogurt & mint sauces; tart, sweet walnut and pomegranate stews; charcoaled vegetables marinated in spices; rice jeweled with barberries, pistachios and almonds; cardamom and saffron laced concoctions!

Our menu, (where you can Order Iranian Food Online) reinvented on a frequent basis, pays homage to the rich complexity of classic Persian food and the delicious diversity of Iranian regional cuisines. We feature and juxtapose a select choice of dishes, known only to those who frequent specific villages and towns, alongside the more familiar and classic Iranian cuisine.

Kabab Torsh Ghosht Banoo Iranian Restaurant Dubai MarinaHere at Banoo we take food seriously! We understand our world by first tasting it, and then live to savour that special moment life provides when tasting great food! Persian food is as dear to our heart as an Iranian banoo surveying her kingdom, taking great pride in the feeding of her household with the finest cuisine, to comfort and delight those who are dearest to her heart and hearth.

Our goal for our guests not of an Iranian origin is to offer you the perfect place to experience the pleasures found in an authentic Persian Restaurant in Dubai, exploring the delectable flavor and tastes of a real Persian kitchen. And for our beloved Iranian guests, we would like to indulge your nostalgia by offering you a true taste of ‘home away from home’ in Banoo | Persian Restaurant Dubai.